Prayer Burdens – Week 1 of October

Oct 2, 2017 by

1. Pray for the saints who live in difficulties because of the Crisis in the Rakhine State in West Myanmar; also pray for the church in Kyauktaw in Rakhine State
2. Pray for the translation of the Old Testament Recovery Version into Burmese.


1. Pray for the gospel preaching to be steadfast in Pokhara that 40 seeking ones can be gained and become the remaining fruit in the church.
2. Pray for the National Blending Conference in Kathmandu from 10/20-10/21 and may the Lord strengthen His speaking to the churches that all the saints can be stirred up to function in the church life.


1. Pray for the perfecting trainings for the new ones that they would be perfected to have a normal church life.
2. Pray for the perfecting training for core members that more would rise up to participate in the service.


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