Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of February

Feb 16, 2022 by

East Timor

Pray for the raising up of the church in Dili.



Pray for the propagation in Luang Prabang City and for the church to be established on April 12.



Pray for the 95 churches to be guarded by the Lord and to bear more fruit.



Pray for the saints in Lahore to enter into the ministry of the age, to carry out the burden of the ministry through their enjoyment of the Holy Word for Morning Revival of the seven feasts, to pray steadfastly, to shepherd faithfully and to exhibit Christ to meet God’s need and the present needs in the Lord’s recovery.


Sri Lanka

Pray for the Sinhala Recovery Version of the Gospel of Matthew to be released soon.



Pray for the testimony in Ha Long; may the Lord preserve the two young families that migrated there and open the way for the gospel to the factory workers.

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