Prayer Burdens – Week 1 of February

Feb 8, 2022 by


Pray for the inner eyes of the gospel friends and Rhema readers to receive light and for the overthrowing of every high thing against the knowledge of God and taking captive their thoughts unto the obedience of Christ, so that they can be saved and treasure this ministry.



Pray for the warm-door gospel preaching that the saints can pick up the burden from the Lord and labor steadfastly; also pray for the churches to have the blessing of corporate increase and for the new ones to be the remaining fruit.



Pray for the gospel preaching among the local people to not only contact some open vessels but also gain some genuine seeking ones that they may become remaining fruit and building materials.



Pray for the saints to be strengthened and supplied in the Lord.



Pray for the perfecting meeting on 2/11and 2/25; may the Lord release the saints’ time and uplift the spiritual atmosphere of the meetings so that all can be built with the truth.



Pray for the coming and the service of the overseas coworkers to have the Lord’s full blessing.


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