Prayer Burdens – Week 1 of December

Dec 8, 2020 by

Sri Lanka
1. Pray for the establishment of the new churches in Ella, Rambukkana and Kelaniya and for the raising up of 3-5 proper responsible brothers to be in one accord to bear His testimony.
2. Pray for more young people to be released to join the short-term training at Colombo and be perfected to be useful vessels to meet the Lord’s need at the end of this age.


Pray for the Rhema book distribution in Kathmandu valley and gospel broadcast program in Pokhara; may the Lord gain more truth seekers and Gentiles so that the churches can be multiplied and increased.


1. Pray for the local full-time serving ones to grow in life, exercise themselves in the services and be perfected.
2. Pray for the saints to go out in coordination for shepherding in twos and threes.


Pray for the new ones to have normal church life and for more people to have the Lord’s appearance and be released from their mind and religion.

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