Prayer Burdens – Week 1 of August

Aug 6, 2018 by

1. Pray for the gospel propagation from 8/19–8/26 coordinated by the saints from Taiwan and for more local saints to participate in the coordination.
2. Pray for more saints who have a heart to serve to be raised up and coordinate together in one accord in Laos.


1. Pray for the 26th term of FTTY which began on 7/30 with 76 trainees (40 brothers and 36 sisters).
2. Pray for about 70 saints going to join the International Blending Conference in Bangkok from 8/11-8/12.


1. Pray for the upcoming term of FTTND with 20 new trainees that the Lord will train and perfect each trainee in truth, life, service and character, and will cover their entire tripartite beings throughout the entire course of their training.
3. Pray for the campus gospel move of the new semester in major cities that many good materials can be gained from the campuses and be perfected as useful vessels for the master.


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