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Numbers 1:45

“So all who were numbered of the children of Israel by their fathers’ households, from twenty years old and upward, all who were able to go forth for military service in Israel.”

Ministry Excerpts:

…we have seen that the prayer, the intercession, at the incense altar is for God’s move, that God’s move requires an army that can fight for His interests, and that for the formation of His army a census is necessary. By this we can understand the relationship between the incense altar and the propitiation silver. We can understand why the propitiation silver is mentioned immediately after the description of the incense altar. The prayer at the incense altar issues in the numbering of the children of Israel for the formation of an army to fight for God’s move on earth.

Suppose an army had not been formed among the children of Israel. Would it still have been possible for the tabernacle to move without an army? No, there would have been no way for the tabernacle to move without an army to fight for God’s interests. According to the book of Numbers, the numbering of the males aged twenty and upward was for the formation of the army…

In Exodus 30, immediately after the record concerning the incense altar, we have a word regarding the census and the propitiation silver. In order to have the formation of an army to fight, there was the need of a census. The intercession at the incense altar is for God’s move. But how can God move in a situation where there are so many enemies? The answer is that God moves by fighting. But where is God’s army? Where are His hosts? These hosts must be formed from God’s chosen people. Furthermore, only males who have reached the age of twenty are qualified to be part of this army. This indicates that, in order for the army to be formed, a good number of God’s chosen people need to mature…

We need to grow until we come to the spiritual age of twenty. The intercession offered at the incense altar is for this growth and maturity so that the army can be formed. The more intercession there is at the incense altar, the greater will be the urgency for God’s people to grow. More and more we shall realize that the need for maturity is desperate. There is the urgent need for more of us to grow, reach maturity, and thereby become qualified to be formed into an army. Only when such an army has been formed will God be able to move on earth for His purpose. Apart from an army formed of mature ones, there is no way for God to move. Oh, God’s chosen people need to grow! The intercessory prayer offered to God at the incense altar is for this. (Life- Study of Exodus, Message 154)

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