The Lord’s Move to Asia (July 2013)

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The Young People’s Conference

The Young People’s Conference was held in Battambang on May 12th to 24th. All the saints, even the older brothers, were so open to the word of God that they eagerly anticipated the conference, especially since they heard that some overseas brothers would come to give the messages, and they did their best to attend the conference. The total attendance was 70 saints, including 10 older brothers and 7 college students.

The brothers from Malaysia were very experienced in training the young people, which was a great help to us in our preparation. Messages given in the conference were living, fresh, and full of supply. The brothers also took time to teach the young people a few simple English Hymns. We were full of the enjoyment of the presence of God as we sang, proclaimed the word, and prayed. The saints testified, “This is the first time that I enjoyed the Lord so much!” “We will practice what we have learned in this conference.” “When we go back to our locality, we will start to read the Bible in groups once a week.” “We hope to have this kind of conference more often.”

What these young people enjoyed and gained in this conference continued to have an impact on their living even after they returned home. One day after the conference we went to visit the locality of some young people, and some of the parents testified that their children were really different from before the conference. They were joyful and would burst into singing spontaneously.

Establishing a Golden Lampstand

Praise the Lord! Christ is victor! We had the first Lord’s Table Meeting in Sisophon, a city located in the northwest of Cambodia, on June 23rd. Around 15 local saints (including 6 college students) and more than 20 saints from other localities attended this meeting. Currently there are about 30 college students under our care in this city, and 6 other new ones got baptized after the bread breaking meeting. May the Lord strengthen this newly established locality.

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National College Students and Young Working Saints’ Training

The national college students and young working saints’ training took place in Hyderabad on May 30th to June 2nd, and nearly 150 saints attended it. The general subject of the training was “Being an Overcomer to Turn the Age”. College students, working saints and the serving ones all coordinated together to present the messages.

In the group times, everyone spoke and had mutual questions and answers to get into the truth together. There were also presentations on the Lord’s move in India, the Lord’s move to Asia and the Full-time Training in New Delhi. All the attendants received a burden from the Lord and were brought into the realization that they were living in a crucial time and that they needed to seize the opportunity to offer themselves to the Lord to be useful in His hand. On the last day of the training, some students confessed their sins and shortcomings to the Lord and consecrated to attend the FTTND. The Lord is gaining our next generation for His testimony in this vast country.

A brother who was in the church life became dormant for almost a year after he got married. This time the brothers gave him a portion to share in a small group for 15 minutes. Although he had a quiet disposition and was not comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, he enjoyed and received supply from the material and was able to share in the group. Those who were in that group were greatly helped by his sharing. In the training this brother’s first love toward the Lord was restored. He was helped to see that the purpose of his life was not just to take care of his family or his work, but to be a part of the kingdom. Another brother also testified that in this training the Lord impressed him about the time he was in and that the Lord’s coming was at hand. Such realization changed his attitude in his pursuit of the Lord.

Propagation in Jaipur

The city of Jaipur, the name of which means “the city of victory”, is the capital city of the northern state of Rajasthan, which means “the land of the kings”. During the month of April, trainees from FTT Hong Kong coordinated with the saints from Gurgaon, New Delhi and Chandigarh to preach the gospel in Jaipur. The saints enjoyed blending and moving in the Body by praying together, exercising to be filled with the Spirit and preaching the word of God. The Lord led the saints to preach the gospel not in the usual way of handing out tracts, but to focus on being filled with Him, contacting and speaking to people in a living way according to His instant leading. This was a totally new experience for some of the saints. With the boldness supplied by the Spirit, the saints began doing “crazy” things, entering into the houses of total strangers, singing gospel hymns to them and reading the Bible with them. Even some stony hearts that rejected the gospel during the first visit began to open up during the second. Many people got saved through this gospel move and 40 were baptized. Though the outward conditions were very different for the visiting saints, they enjoyed blending with the local saints and were brought further into the reality of the one new man.

Following this two-week propagation, a group of FTTND trainees visited Jaipur on three consecutive weekends to shepherd the new ones. Recently these trainees went again and plan to stay there for four weeks for continual shepherding of the new ones and the preaching of the gospel. The Lord is leading the saints to help the new ones practice small group living and enjoy the normal church life in their homes.

We realize that gaining a local home like that of Priscilla and Aquila is the key for the testimony in this city. Please pray that the Lord would soon gain such a home and gain a strong testimony in Jaipur. May our victorious Captain add many Jaipurians to the train of vanquished foes. May this city of victory be a beachhead for our Lord to gain the state of Rajasthan as the land of the King.

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The graduation meeting of the Full-time training in Yangon with a blending meeting of the churches was held on June 30, 2013. About 260 saints from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea, and 5 localities in Myanmar gathered together for this in Hmawbi township, Yangon. The message given in the meeting was “Having the Ministry of Life by Having the Complete Experience of a Called One”, and all the saints enjoyed thoroughly the supply in the meeting.

Four trainees graduated this term, having completed 2 years of training. They are willing to go to Mandalay in central Myanmar for propagation after the training and stay there until the end of the year. Later on 4 more Chinese speaking saints will also go there to join them in their gospel preaching. Please pray for these trainees and their service as well as the Lord’s move in Mandalay.

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