The Lord’s Move to Asia (July 2012)

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From June 15th to 25th, five brothers from Korea participated in a series of gatherings and gospel moves in Bangladesh. They arrived in Dhaka on the 15th and visited University of Dhaka on the next day.

A gathering for the serving ones was held in Dhaka from June 17th to 18th, which fifty serving ones from eighteen localities attended. The messages given were on the four great pillars of the Lord’s recovery, and all the serving ones were encouraged, supplied, and received much enjoyment from the speakings.

In the morning of the 20th, the brothers rented a car and drove up north, arriving in Lalmonirhat that evening. There we had a meeting at a brother’s place with thirty saints and gospel friends. Eight people were baptized that night. From June 21st to 24th, the brothers preached the gospel to over three hundred people in five villages as well as raised up two new churches.

On the morning of June 25th, the brothers preached the gospel to about 100 people in the village of Thamul of Thakurgaon. The villagers welcomed us at the entrance, singing, dancing, and scattering flowers over us. Then in the afternoon, we had a time of fellowship with fifteen serving brothers from Thakurgaon and Dinajpur, through which they were greatly encouraged.

Within a short period of time, many people in Bangladesh turned to and receive the Lord. What they desperately need now is being shepherded by the saints, learning to sing hymns, and having more ministry books translated into Bengali.


The Raising up of the Church in Jeddah, KSA

Out of the mouth of infants and sucklings You have perfected praise. (Matt. 21:16)

In the early morning of July 6, 2012, at the height of the Arabian summer heat, while millions of Muslims were preparing for their pilgrimage to the city of the Islamic faith, the saints from the local churches in Yanbu, Tabuk and Riyadh had gathered together, singing, thanking and praising our Lord Jesus Christ in one accord for the raising up of the church in Jeddah for the wonderful expression of His Body.

For almost two years the saints in Saudi Arabia had been praying constantly for the gaining of the city of Jeddah, one of the major cities in Saudi Arabia. The raising up of the church in Jeddah is a result of the spiritual hunger and thirst experienced by the saints from the Philippines who were led by God to come to this physically and spiritually dry part of the earth. In His sovereignty, God led these ones to find work in and migrate to Jeddah. Once they moved here, God caused a deep spiritual hunger and thirst to well up in their being, urging them to seek out fellowship with other saints for their life supply. This created a burden within the saints in other parts of Saudi Arabia to give both their time and money to reach out to these needy saints that had settled in this country. The raising up of the local church in Jeddah had become a necessity rather than just a goal. However, it was not easy.

Numerous saints had settled in the city of Jeddah, but they were scattered in different parts of the city. Some saints were not even allowed to go out, especially sisters, since women in this country were prohibited to go out without their guardians. And to make things worse, the saints had no ride to the meetings. Public transportation was very limited in this city, if not in the whole country. Nonetheless, some brothers were able to find other brothers who lived in the same neighborhood. The saints in Jeddah, with the help from the other local churches in Saudi Arabia, succeeded in starting the Lord’s table meeting after several attempts, even though initially it was held only once a month due to the availability of the working saints. But praise the Lord! The saints began to have weekly Lord’s table meetings in July, 2012. Though the meeting place was small and far away from the city center, it was nevertheless comfortable and safe enough for the saints to sing His praise and draw supply for their daily spiritual needs.

May the Lord continue to bless the church in Jeddah and to free up more saints for all the meetings.


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