The Lord’s Move to Asia (July 2011)

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A Report of the trip to Mongolia

We visited the saints in Mongolia from June 9-13. We felt very much refreshed and strengthened in our spirit while on this trip. The saints, especially the younger ones, are rising up to function and learning to serve.

On the afternoon of June 9, we had a brief fellowship regarding the Lord’s move in Mongolia, which was in the Body and for the Body. Although we all came from different backgrounds with various dispositions, we all were laboring and coordinating in one accord. The Lord is marvelously blending the Mongolians, Koreans and the Chinese into one Body. By blending away our differences, the Lord is able to move through us and to work more of Himself into us so that we can pave the way for Him to move on to gain this land.

In the evening, we joined the young people’s meeting in Ulan Bator with around 20 saints. There were two “young” sisters (in their 60’s and 70’s) that came. One of them had totally lost her yurt in a fire two months ago. Her neighbors said that was the punishment from the idols, but she stood firm for the Lord’s testimony. Even though these two sisters lived far away from the meeting place, they almost would always come to the young people’s meeting because they enjoyed being with the young people. From their exercise we could see that they were indeed young in their spirit. In these weekly meetings, the saints get into one chapter of the New Testament each time and would share from what they have enjoyed from the verses and the outline. We rejoice that the young people in Mongolia are getting into the truth chapter by chapter so that the word of Christ can dwell in them richly.

The next day we went with the brothers to look for housing for three Chinese speaking couples. Through the saints’ prayer and petition, the Lord opened the way for us to find suitable apartments for two couples. The church in Ulan Bator has just begun to meet in four districts, with about 50 saints in each district. These couples will each move into one of the four districts so they can practically care for the saints in their districts more easily. We also encouraged them to endeavor to learn the Mongolian language. In the afternoon, we were divided into four teams and went out to preach the gospel. In about an hour, we obtained the contact information of 14 people. Among these, 8 called on the Lord and 2 high schoolers got baptized.

On June 11 (Saturday), we went hiking with Brother Shin, a serving brother here, and the 3 couples and enjoyed the magnificent view of the city on the mountain. There we had a time of individual prayer and confession before the Lord. Afterwards we came together and had a released corporate prayer and consecration. We prayed strongly and, in one spirit and with one soul, declared that Mongolia belonged to Immanuel. We shouted triumphantly, “Christ is Victor! Jesus is Lord!” We believe the prayers uttered were from the spiritual White House and shook the enemy’s kingdom. In that afternoon we prepared for the next day’s blending.

On the next day around 60 saints came together for this year’s first outdoor blending on the Lord’s Day at a place about an hour outside of Ulan Bator. We rented a bus for the saints to go together. As we traveled to the meeting place, we were reminded of the journey which the children of Israel took when they all gathered in Jerusalem three times a year. On their journey they went with rejoicing and singing. We did likewise. There was much exercise of the spirit and singing on the bus; the meeting actually began on the bus.

Once we arrived, we had a wonderful Lord’s Table meeting followed by our worship of the Father. We were all under a canopy and experienced the Lord in the tent of meeting. We blew the trumpet regarding the burden to practice the church life in Ulan Bator in four districts. Just like the children of Israel, we should not come to the meetings empty-handed. We need to come with our hands full of Christ based on our labor and enjoyment of Christ during the week. We exhorted the saints to practice “each one has” (1 Cor. 14:26) whenever they come together. This kind of offering is firstly to the Lord for His satisfaction and glory and then to the saints for their nourishment and supply. In such a blending, we enjoyed the sweet fellowship and then had lunch together. In the afternoon, the saints and the children had activities such as soccer, volleyball, singing hymns, etc. We treasured our time of blending and fellowship for the building up of the Body of Christ.

That evening we had some important fellowship with Brother Shin. We felt the Lord was very much in our fellowship and led us in a sweet way to go on together toward the same goal. The following  morning we had some practical fellowship with the three Chinese speaking couples over breakfast regarding our living and service. We are those who serve by the Spirit and walk by faith and not by appearance.

Overall, this short trip was very much led and blessed by the Lord. We praise Him that we could come together to have open and intimate fellowship for His move in Mongolia. We feel that the Lord is starting to move by leading the saints to pray, to preach the gospel and to shepherd the seeking ones. May the Lord continue to keep the door of the gospel open in Mongolia for the gaining of the sons of peace for His kingdom.

Daniel Hui
Clement Wang



There are 8 major tribes and 135 minority tribes in Myanmar, with each tribe having its own language. To reach the tribal people and bring them into the Lord’s recovery, the translation of the ministry books is greatly needed. We have translated The Mystery of Human Life into Kachin, one of the tribal languages, and the tracts have been printed and are ready for distribution. There are about 4.5 million Kachin people living in Kachin state in the northern part of Myanmar. There are 2 local churches with about 40 saints in Kachin State. Myanmar Gospel Book Room recently bought a computer and a printer for the church in Myitkyinar, the capital city of Kachin state, for the future translation work.


From November 18 to 20 of this year, an International Blending Conference will be held in Yangon, Myanmar, and we are now preparing for this conference. Please pray for this.


Sri Lanka

During the month of May there was a strong gospel move in Batticaloa, where the Chinese speaking saints were. This was because the saints there received a burden from the conference held in April this year to preach the gospel to gain new ones and to strengthen the testimony of the four golden lampstands in their respective cities in Sri Lanka. As a result, the saints preached the gospel aggressively by door knocking and gained five families, with fourteen new ones baptized. The saints paid much attention to the shepherding of these families and would spend time with each family once a week. The saints also valued spiritual edification and would come together every Tuesday to get into one chapter from the book “The Knowledge of Life”.


In Colombo we have a gospel meeting every Tuesday for the seekers who are Catholics. About 25 to 30 people would attend this meeting. The saints in Colombo have also visited Negombo three times to share the gospel with the seekers there.


The saints in Kandy and Polonnaruwa also have been searching for the seeking ones in order to strengthen the testimony in these two localities. There will soon to be some baptisms in these localities. From May 19-21, one brother visited Jaffna to “spy out the land” for the propagation of the Lord’s recovery and discovered there were many seekers there. Undoubtedly this city has been fully prepared for the Lord’s move. If we can gain Jaffna, located in the north of Sri Lanka, the door to three other neighboring cities will also be opened as they are closely associated with each other.


The saints have been distributing the Rhema literature in English speaking areas in Colombo and other cities. Literature for new believers continues to be translated into both Sinhalese and Tamil. A number of  LSM books are also for sale in bookstores in Colombo, Negombo and Kandy. Some gospel tracks were also distributed to seekers in Batticaloa.


From April 27 to May 1, two brothers from Sri Lanka attended The Lord’s Move to Asia conference in Bangkok. On June 14, a training conference was held in Colombo, and attendees included saints from Colombo, Batticaloa and Kandy. Such a conference and training provided many opportunities for the saints from various localities to blend, which is high profitable for the Lord’s move in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka_Lord's_table_in_Batticaloa

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