The Lord’s Move to Asia (February 2012)

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National Blending Conference in Bangladesh

From December 17th to 18th, 2011, a national blending conference was held in Dinajpur, northern Bangladesh, the general subject of which was The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery. More than seven hundred saints attended the conference. Before and after the conference, the serving brothers also went around Bangladesh to visit the saints and preach the gospel.

There are three local churches in the South, including one in Dhaka, the capital, and eight in the North. While we were in Bangladesh, three new churches were raised up, bringing the total number of churches to fourteen. Quite a number of saints have been gained in the past several months through gospel preaching. There are also a number of serving brothers raised up in these places who are clear and stand one with the Lord’s recovery. It was encouraging for us to see these saints coming out of their religious background and meet as the church in their respective villages.

Before and after the conference, we also held gospel meetings in three villages: Nargun, Naterhat, and Vhadanis. In each of these villages, the natives warmly welcomed us with women singing and dancing upon our arrival. Since most of the males had to work at the time of the gospel meetings, the majority of the attendees were females. Many children and young people also came, ranging from babies to teenagers. We spoke the gospel of the kingdom and God’s economy in English and the local brothers translated what we spoke into Bangali. Everyone listened attentively. The meeting atmosphere was very peaceful and inviting, and the meeting was filled with binding and releasing prayers. There was joy and rejoicing in the dynamic salvation experienced by the new believers. Altogether one hundred and thirty prayed to receive the Lord and fifty-two of them were baptized. In one village, the water was cold, but the new ones went ahead boldly into the water to be baptized into the Triune God. In another village, the pond was dirty and shallow so the brothers used a water pump to baptize the new converts into Christ and the Body of Christ. We praise the Lord for these marvelous transfers.

During the blending conference, we gave an overview and the main burden of each of the six messages from the recent Thanksgiving Conference. The brothers doing the translation released their spirit and the meeting atmosphere was very conducive for the release of the Lord’s speaking. A number of saints prophesied after each message. The only limitation was the lack of hymns as only a few hymns have been translated into Bangali. During the two-day conference, the weather was cold. Fog was quite dense in the mornings, and the outside temperature was around 12 degrees Celsius. The rented hall that was used for the meetings had no walls along two sides of the room, so cold air entered without any hindrance. The saints sat on the floor; many even had to either sit or stand outside. Even so, there were still more than seven hundred saints and one hundred and forty-one children.

When we were in Bangladesh, some of the citizens were celebrating their “Victory Day,” which was the day for the commemoration of the official creation of the state of Bangladesh. We felt that during our six-day trip, we experienced the real and mighty victory of our Savior God. Satan has been defeated and is under our feet! Surely the Lord has released many captives of sin and darkness to enjoy God’s salvation and to keep the New Testament Jubilee. Many came out of Hinduism along with their traditions to enjoy the Lord and the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Although the saints are quite poor, they are desirous for the Lord’s speaking. We count it a privilege to be able to participate in the Lord’s present move and blessing in Bangladesh. We pray and look to Him that many more can be gained in such a populous country as the testimony of the Triune God to be His corporate expression.

Serving Brothers



Life-Study of Genesis: Testimonies of the enjoyment of the ministry

The Church in Tirunelveli

The Church in Tirunelveli initially ordered thirty-five sets of the Life-study, including nineteen sets ordered by the believers in one college. Some lecterers also ordered the sets for themselves, their children and their students. One lecturer and his student responded that they could not put the book down once they started reading. One full-timer serving in a denomination has a taste for the ministry, so when he came to know about the Life-study pursuing plan, he ordered a set and very soon introduced it to two other believers. After reading the Life-study messages, he then ordered more for two students and three other believers. He still wants another five sets because after tasting the Lord’s speaking in these messages he is confident that hungry seekers would be happy to read them. As a result, we had to order fifteen more sets. One brother who ordered a set of the Life-study has started reading the messages and translating them to another brother who was backslidden and was recovered only a few weeks ago. This brother is also enjoying reading these messages. Up to now the church in Tirunelveli has ordered fifty sets of the Life-study of Genesis, and this number is more than double the average number of saints attending the table meeting in Tirunelveli.

The Church in New Delhi

At the end of last year, we had a love feast for the students. During the love feast, we read message one of the Life-study of Genesis and one brother said, “Now I am more clear about the Bible. This is really a good message…” He then bought several sets of the Life-study of Genesis for his friends and relatives. That day we sold eight sets. So far twenty-two sets of the Life-study of Genesis have been sold in the south district of Delhi.

One junior higher read message one of the Life-study and translated it into Hindi for other Hindi speaking saints. In a group meeting in Kapashera, the saints have also been sharing their enjoyment from reading the Life-study messages. A brother from Punjabi finished reading six volumes of the Life-study of Genesis in one month.

The Church in Gurgaon

At least twenty saints have signed up to finish reading the Life-study of Genesis by October 2012. In some families, the husband and wife would pursue the messages with their children. Young people also get into the messages with their companions. Some saints testified that they failed before to finish reading the Life-study of Genesis, but this time they would pursue again together with other saints. Saints are encouraged to share their enjoyment at the Lord’s Table meeting and at other church gatherings. We can testify that the saints are brought into the enjoyment of the Life-studies.

We are burdened that the saints in India would enjoy the riches of this ministry by entering into all 1984 messages contained in the Old and New Testament Life-studies in a systemic and continuously manner. May the word and life spread further in this country through the corporate pursuing of the Life-studies.


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