The Lord’s Move to Asia (December 2011)

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Currently there are ten local churches with three-hundred-fifty saints in Bangladesh . We  plan to host an international blending conference here from December 23rd to 25th. On the one hand we need to preach the gospel, and on the other hand we need to perfect the saints and translate the ministry materials from English into Bengali.

From August 2nd to 15th, we preached the gospel in several cities both in Northern and Southern Bangladesh. Among the ones contacted by us, about one hundred got baptized at the end of October. We also held a conference in the northern part of Bangladesh from October 23rd to 27th, and at the same time we went around the villages to preach the gospel. In addition, in both August and September we had several gatherings of the serving ones as well as some blending and fellowship among the saints.



Practicing the God-ordained way: The Propagation Training in Tenkasi

Saints from the churches in southern India came together for a one-week training in Tenkasi from August 15th to 20th, 2011. The training did not teach the saints some outward skills to preach the gospel, but helped the saints enjoy the supply from the high-peak truth in the ministry. The training content was taken from the book “The Issue of Christ Being Glorified by the Father with the Divine Glory. The saints enjoyed getting into the verses and footnotes in John14 to 17 and practiced pray-reading, studying, reciting and speaking to one another during the training.

The training also helped them establish a living of abiding in the Lord and enjoy the Lord and His word in a corporate way. The saints were all revived and filled with the Spirit, and became more burdened for the Lord’s move. In this training, thirty-five saints consecrated to go for propagation in Tenkasi and its nearby cities, including Thanjavur, Tirunelveli, Alankulam and Sengottai. Some unbelievers who came to the training with the saints were captivated by the living of the saints and six of them got baptized. May the Lord continue to strengthen such propagation according to the God-ordained way.

Starting of the new term of FTTND

The Full-time Training in New Delhi (FTTND) began a new term on August 22nd with twenty-two trainees (sixteen brothers and six sisters) and six serving ones. We were supposed to have the training in the new training center, but a week before the term began, we were informed that the new facility would not be ready for us to move in. Though the situation was difficult, the Lord opened the way for the training to begin as scheduled.  Nothing could hinder the trainees from being trained. Praise the Lord! He is Victor! This is His training.


The Recent Spread of the Lord’s Recovery in the Middle East

A Word of Burden

In his message “Knowledge of Truth and Growth in Life Being for the Increase and Spread of the Church”, given in Taipei on January 14th, 1985, Brother Lee said, “I hope that we all could be quiet before the Lord and reconsider our pathway and future. We have been saved, and to us the prospect of seeing the Lord in the future is very good. However, we must ask whether the Lord has a similar feeling when there is such a need for the increase and spread of the church. …Honestly speaking, we should send saints from Taiwan to India and Burma. …The Arabic-speaking world is also desolate; we need to receive a burden from the Lord to spread there.”

Brother Lee then went on to share on “The First Step – Gospelizing and Truthizing Taiwan” and “The Second Step – Receiving A Burden to Spread Abroad”. The resurrected Christ wants His witnesses to reach the uttermost part of the earth. “At this moment we do not need to talk about the uttermost part of the earth, because even India, Burma, and the Arabic-speaking countries, which are quite close to us, all need the Lord’s propagation to reach them.” (Taken from Crucial Words of Leading in the Lord’s Recovery , Book 4: The Increase and Spread of the Church)

Current Situation

I. Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan

Currently there is no testimony of the Lord in Egypy, but through some brothers’ visits and contacts, some local pastors have begun to appreciate the ministry of the Lord’s recovery and are still in touch with us. Rhema has also participated in the local book fairs a number of times. In the past few years, some saints in North America have prayed for Egypy at set tmes every week. In this past year, the serving ones of the Lord’s Move to Asia (LMA) also prayed for Egypt every week via Skype.

The first Table Meeting took place in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, last November. Even though there are only about a dozen of saints, some Arabic-speaking saints have begun to attend the meetings. For the past ten years, a couple from the U.S. (the wife is from Jordan) have been translating the ministry into Arabic.

Over ten Chinese-speaking saints are engaged in business in the seaport of Aqaba in the southern tip of Jordan by the Red Sea. They very much have the heart to cooperate with the Lord for the gospel move in the Middle East. In the past two years, through the visitation of the brothers some new ones have got saved and baptized.

II.  GCC (United Arab Emirates, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain)

There are twelve churches in GCC with over three hundred saints, most of whom are young people from the Philippines and India. The meetings are conducted primarily in English and over twenty saints there went through the full-time training in Malabon. The saints in GCC  have longer work hours, but still earnestly desire blendings. Every year in early November there is an International Blending Conference in Dubai. Through the visitation of the brothers in the past two years, saints here began to receive the burden to pray for the salvation of the local people, to practice the vital groups, and to exercise to live a corporate God-man living. Currently the serving ones of LMA and the serving brothers in GCC pray regularly every week.

III.  Iran

Presently there are only a handful of saints in Iran. Christians comprise only 1-2% of the nation’s population. The locals here are paticularly friendly to Chinese people. The initial translation of the Gospel of John, Recovery Version, into Persian has been completed. The serving ones of LMA and some expatriate Iranian saints pray together regularly every week.

Brother Gilbert Chang

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray that the Lord would bind Satan with all his stratagems and release His blessings in the Middle East.
  2. Pray for the propagation of the gospel in the Middle East and for the gaining of the locals through prayer, Bible reading, and the practice of the vital groups.
  3. Pray for the perfecting of the saints so that they can practice the God-ordained way to cooperate with the Lord’s move in the Middle East.
  4. Pray for the translation of the ministry into Arabic and Persian. May the Lord speed up this service.
  5. Pray that the Lord would raise up more young full-time serving ones so that they can become a blessing to the Middle East.
  6. Pray for the Lord to strengthen the literature work on the internet in the Middle East.



Thank the Lord for His mercy that we are able to participate in His glorious ultimate move. We are also thankful for the brothers’ and sisters’ labor in Him.

We are fine here; the Lord takes care of us very well in every aspect. Indeed, we have experienced the Lord as our Shepherd especially in these days. The Lord has shown us everything is under His sovereignty. He leads us with His rod and His staff, guiding us in His authority and training and perfecting us with His loveable staff. Recently we treasure the Body of Christ more than we ever understood. We also realized that nothing can separate us from the Lord because we are His Body and have a life relationship with Him.

We have continued our practice of a God-man living. Every morning we have morning revival in English at 6 o’clock, followed by a time in which we pray to respond to the message personally. And then we have morning revival in the Mongolian language, following the church’s schedule. Currently we are in 1 Corinthians 12. Praise the Lord! When we have language classes in the mornings, we need to go to school. Now we can prophesy in Mongolian, even though we are still not that fluent, and we can understand about 80% of the brothers’ fellowship. When we are at home, we would get into the ministry and now we are enjoying the messages from the 2011 ITERO through PSRP. In the afternoon, sometimes we would study the language at home, and sometimes we would go preach the gospel or go to the saints’ homes for shepherding or have meetings in the book room. Every evening we also pray via Skype with another family for the Lord’s move in Mongolia.

May the Lord strengthen His move on the whole earth. May the Lord grant us His mercy to be faithful, continuing steadfastly in our practice of the vision we have seen and receiving the nourishing and perfecting by this unique ministry. May the Lord also open the way for the saints to come here for blending. We look forward to this very much.

Caleb Wu

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