The Lord’s Move to Asia (August 2012)

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Propagation Report of Laos

Four trainees from the Full-time Training in Bangkok, Thailand, came to Laos from July 1 to July 15 to coordinate together with the local saints for propagation of the gospel. In our prayer and fellowship, we all received a burden from the Lord regarding the need to have much fighting prayer, especially for the outward circumstances in Laos. So every day we set aside a definite time of prayer for this particular burden. During the whole propagation period, we were divided into three groups to preach the gospel on college campuses and nearby places. Although we encountered some restrictions due to the environment, the Lord was above all environments and answered our prayers. Through the prayer and petition of the saints, the Lord kept opening the way for us. In the span of two weeks we were able to contact 338 people. Ninety-three of them called on the name of the Lord and eleven were baptized. The Lord added to His Body day by day those who were being saved. Presently there are seven new ones under our care and shepherding and we get into the Life Lessons with them. One sister is particularly zealous after she got saved. She calls on the name of the Lord and prays every day. She also pursues the truth with us every day and prepares love feasts for the brothers and sisters. Some gospel friends are not yet saved, but they are also willing to read the Bible with us. Praise the Lord! May the word of the Lord grow and prevail here so that the church can continue to increase.

Sri Lanka

A two-day Perfecting Training and Conference was held on July 21-22, 2012, in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. The content of the training was taken from the series of “The Pattern of the Healthy Words”. Eighty-five saints from seven cities, namely Batticaloa, Colombo, Jaffna, Kandy, Negombo, Nuwara Eliya and Polonnaruwa, attended the conference. Twenty of them were from Nuwara Eliya locally. Some saints also came from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The churches experienced a sweet time of blending in this training and conference.

On July 21, the brothers spoke four messages on the fellowship of life, dealing with the conscience, calling on the name of the Lord, and pray-reading the word of God. The saints enjoyed the name of the Lord and the riches of God’s word through the coordination of the saints in one accord and the ministry of the word.

On the morning of July 22, the saints broke bread to remember the Lord and worship the Father. This was the first bread-breaking meeting in Nuwara Eliya. In this meeting, the saints witnessed and declared the establishing of the golden lampstand in this city. Currently there are three stable families in Nuwara Eliya. May the Lord strengthen His testimony.

The Lord’s Move in Vietnam

Praise the Lord! God is a flourishing universal vine tree, and He is continually reaching and spreading everywhere. Now this vine tree has reached Vietnam, and will continue to spread. We hope to be one with the Lord in His current move among the churches in Vietnam in order for Him to spread throughout the whole country, conquer all the cities, and establish the testimony of Jesus so that He can return soon to marry His Bride, those who are awaiting His return.

The Spread of the Gospel and the Planting of Church Trees

Out of a desire to move together with the Lord, the saints in the church in Ho Chi Minh City decided to establish two new local churches for the Lord in 2012 for the spread of the Kingdom of God and the hastening of the Lord’s return. As soon as the fourth term of the Nazarite training ended and the trainees went back to their localities, some trainees who returned to Ho Chi Minh City were stirred up for the wide spread of the gospel to bring people to salvation because of the truth they had received. Therefore, they coordinated with the local brothers to go out and preach the gospel. Just as the universal vine tree constantly spreads outward, they desired to plant church trees in nearby localities.

From February until now, for more than 5 months, a number of sinners have believed and been baptized. Some saints have also been recovered. The first Lord’s table meeting took place in Phuoc Loi (in Ben Luc district, Long An province) for the first time on April 8. In Tan An City, also in Long An province, there was also the first Lord’s Table meeting on July 15. The brothers and sisters rejoiced in the Lord and were daily supplied, nourished, enlightened and cleansed. As a proof of this, the brothers and sisters worked together to move sand, carry bricks with all their strength and heart to build a meeting room that was 2.5 meters wide and 15 meters long in 2 weeks. This was where the first Lord’s table meeting was held. Thirty saints attended this first Lord’s table meeting, among them fifteen met regularly. All of them loved and supported one another for the building up of the Lord’s dwelling place for His heart’s desire.

The saints in Ho Chi Minh City and in Tan An love the Lord and love the church. They steadfastly overcome all the obstacles, persecutions and difficulties under the covering of the Lord’s grace and mercy to gain the fruit of the gospel for a satisfying fragrance to the Father. Please remember to pray for us that God would continue to open the door of the gospel for us for the building up of the dwelling place of God for His good pleasure.

Blending Conferences

Besides the spread of the gospel, the churches in Vietnam also had blending conferences in 8 different localities: Cam Ranh, Danang, Hanoi, Hochiminh city, Ho Nai, Nan Ban, Sa Dec and Soc Trang. The general subject was “Living a Life for the Fulfillment of God’s Eternal Purpose” and a total of 1,200 saints attended.

In Hanoi, the saints treasured the reality of the Body of Christ manifested in the conference. All were moved to consecrate themselves anew to the Lord to live a life for the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose.

Before the conference in Cam Ranh began, the Nazarite trainees from all the previous terms and the graduates from the Full-time Training in Malabon in the Philippines had a blending time together. They enjoyed the spiritual nourishment and supply from one another and their heart to serve the Lord was strengthened.

Through this conference, the Lord renewed our vision of God’s economy and opened our eyes to see that He desires to dispense Himself into us, so that we would walk by the mingled spirit by calling on His name, pray-reading His word, unceasingly pray, not quenching the spirit and prophesying. We also need to live a life of consecration, be revived morning by morning, exercise to be a priest of the gospel, and practice the vital groups for the accomplishing of God’s economy on earth.

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