The Lord’s Move to Asia (August 2011)

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On May 6 we declared the establishement of the church in Antaha Para. We baptized 36 people there and 17 families were turned to the Lord’s recovery. Now there are about forty saints meeting regularly on Lord’s Days.


On July 6 there was a meeting for the serving ones in Dinajpur area, and about 70 saints came. On the 7th there was a young people’s meeting and about 190 saints came.


On July 8 three local churches were established: in the church in Rampur around 25 people came, about 20 people were gathered in the church in Golap gonj as well as in the church in Sandrai. On the 9th we visited the Lalmonirhat area to meet and fellowship with 20 saints, most of whom hoped to begin practicing the church life there. We also distributed 600 copies of the New Believers Series, Volume One, to the saints and encouraged them to digest the messages.


Currently in Bangladesh there are ten local churches with 320 saints gathered together every Lord’s Day. Our urgent need at present is the translation and the teaching of hymns.


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There are many young families in the churches in Cambodia, and every Lord’s day afternoon, about 30 to 40 children would come to the children’s meeting held in two separate places, one in the meeting hall and the other in a sister’s house. And since most of the saints in Cambodia are young, they need to have a proper vision of and preparation for their marriage. With more families being raised up, the saints desperately need to build up a proper family life.


Im order to meet this current need among the churches in Cambodia, through fellowship in the Body, on May 27-29, 2011, we held a special meeting on marriage, family, and the chidlren’s work in Phnom Penh.


Two brothers from the church in Taichung, Taiwan, came to help us with this conference. There were a total of five messages with Q&A sessions. The titles of the messages are: The Vision and the Blueprint of the Children’s Work, The Burden and the Practice of Children’s Group Meetings, The Preparation and Preservation for Marriage, The Importance of Homes in God’s Economy, and Living a God-Man Family Life.


This was the first time that we had meetings and fellowship on this line and around 60 saints attended the conference. They all received much help and perfecting. We thank the Lord for the supply in the Body, and hope to continually have fellowship with the Body.



The Gospel Propagation in Laos


Through the gospel propagation in June, at the end of the month more than 30 brothers and sisters have been baptized. As a result, we need to put our emphasis on the shepherding of the saints. Since most of the saved ones are students with a particular characteristic of living, we decided to shepherd them in the afternoon of Wednesday, Saturday, and Lord’s Day.


We feel a great lack in our shepherding of them since most of us came here from abroad and are still struggling with language and our understanding of things. But even though this is the case, the Lord has still blessed us and most of the newly baptized ones are under our shepherding and care. Currently we are using materials for shepherding the new ones that have been translated into Laotian.


In our shepherding we also feel the need for more homes to uphold these student brothers and sisters. As a result, our next step is to preach the gospel in the communities while taking care of the campus work. May the Lord raise up more local homes so that He may have a way here.


There is the need for much prayer and shepherding in order for the new ones to be remaining fruit, to have a normal church life, and to have the hunger for the Lord and His word. Thank the Lord that we now have several key targets for our shepherding and perfecting, who come to the meetings on their own initiative and are learning to serve in coordination. May the Lord gain them more!


At the same time, may the Lord also strengthen us to pick up their language and to get into their feelings so that we can shepherd them in a deeper and more solid way. May the saints strive together with us with one soul by praying for the perfecting of the students here and the gaining of more homes.



The Lord’s Move in Vietnam


Thank the Lord! Since the beginning of this year the co-workers in Vietnam have had the burden to strengthen and spread the Lord’s testimony in Vietnam, especially in the North. In Northern Vietnam, as of now, there is only one church in the capital, Hanoi, with about 20 saints regularly attending the meetings.


The co-workers have continually gone forth for the work in the North since March. Through the work, about 30 people got baptized in Hai Duong (70 km from Hanoi) and attended the meetings. In another locality near Hanoi—Hung Yen (60 km from Hanoi)—two families have started meeting. Among them one brother was the leader of the Vietnam Missionary denomination. They saw the vision of the Lord’s recovery and decided to leave the denomination and stand for the Lord’s testimony.


In Hanoi, a free group with about 20 believers also heard about the Lord’s recovery and decided to take this way. Besides this, the co-workers in Vietnam have also been continually given for free The Economy of God and The Orthodoxy of the Church to the seekers of the Lord. In addition, three leaders of two denominations—Vietnam Missionary and The Word of Life—also turned to the Lord’s recovery and are now practicing the church life in Hanoi.


On June 4-5, we held a spiritual nourishing conference in Ho Nai and 309 saints from 28 localities attended. The general subject of the conference was “Being one with the Lord in His move for the Universal Spread of the Church as the Testimony of Jesus”. In the conference there was a special call for the saints to preach the gospel for the participation in the Lord’s move. Following this conference, fellowships on the same subject were also given in different areas of Vietnam: June 12 in Vinh Long, June 19 in Hochiminh city and Sa Dec, and June 26 in Soc Trang, Nha Trang and Hanoi.


In Hanoi, besides the spiritual nourishing meeting, we also have the burden to invite the seeking brothers in the denominations to come and to fellowship with them concerning God’s eternal desire and His recovery in this age. Please pray that the Lord will open their eyes.

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