The Lord’s Move to Asia (April 2013)

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LMA Conference Report (Part I)

“This is the ultimate responsibility we must bear for the Lord’s ultimate recovery under the present ultimate world situation. We thank Him for this situation. We thank Him for the recovery. We thank Him for His grace, which will enable us to bear such a responsibility.” ~ The World Situation and God’s Move, p. 85.

This spring’s LMA Conference was held in Yangon, Myanmar from April 23rd to 25th. Eighty-six overseas saints from fifteen countries and forty local Burmese brothers attended this conference. The general subject of the conference was “The World’s Ultimate Situation, the Ultimate Move of the Lord’s Recovery, and Our Ultimate Responsibility”. There were a total of seven messages:

Message One: The World Situation Always Being the Indicator of the Lord’s Move on Earth

Message Two: The Heavenly Ministry of Christ in the Stage of Intensification Being for the Producing of the Overcomers

Message Three: The Transfusion of the Seven Eyes on the Stones Being for the Stage of Intensification Today

Message Four: The Manifestation of the One New Man Realized in the Space Age Today

Message Five: The Renewing of the Mind for the Manifestation of the One New Man

Message Six: Christ’s Second Coming and Our Ultimate Responsibility

Message Seven: Conclusion

Two brothers spoke on each message, followed by sharings by the saints and a strengthening word given by two other brothers. The speaking brothers had a very heavy burden that we would see today is the age of “ultimate”. We must be clear about the development of the world situation, the move of the Lord’s recovery, as well as how to cooperate with the Lord in a strong way.

From 1922 until now, the Lord’s recovery has passed through 3 periods of 30 years, and in each of the 30-year period the Lord had a special move. As we enter into the next period of 30 years, which may also be the ultimate 30 years, all the more we need to consider what the Lord is requiring us to do by studying the world’s ultimate situation. The saints were reminded in this conference that in the Lord’s ultimate recovery, our ultimate responsibility is to live Christ and to meet together in our locality in such a way that we may be the Body, the new man, the lampstand, and the bride. The spreading of the Lord’s recovery must also be considered part of our ultimate responsibility. We all must receive the commission from the Lord to spread the gospel of the kingdom to the whole inhabited earth.

Brother Andrew Yu could not make it to the conference this time, but still shared a word of burden with the saints via Skype. He quoted 1 Thessalonians 5:1~2: “But concerning the times and the seasons, brothers, you have no need for anything to be written to you; for you yourselves know perfectly well that like a thief in the night, so the day of the Lord comes.” We need to know the times, and we also need to know the seasons. “Seasons” in Greek is the same as “opportunity”. So we not only need to know the seasons, but even more we need to grasp the opportunity to do the right thing at the right time. Asia has never been as open to the gospel as today. Changes in the political and economic situation have caused many previously closed off countries to open up one by one. Even many Muslims are open to the gospel today. This is the Lord’s doing, so we need to grasp the opportunity to catch up with the Lord’s move in Asia and take part in the propagation in the Asian countries.

In this conference the brothers from sixteen different countries also took the opportunity to give a propagation report and to update the saints regarding the current situation in the countries they were laboring in. These countries include Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, the GCC countries, India, Iran, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Among these countries there are a total of 268 local churches with close to 12,800 saints. The brothers serving in each place also endeavor to help the saints practice the God-ordained way as well as hold conferences and trainings for the sake of bringing the saints into the Lord’s present speaking. This is so that the saints would not only be saved, but would also be nourished, equipped and perfected to become remaining fruit and living and functioning members of the Body in their respective localities. All the saints attending the conference were greatly encouraged by the fellowship given by these brothers, for the Lord had indeed put before His recovery an open door which no one could shut.

Brothers from a few places specifically shared the need for more Chinese speaking brothers and sisters to go to these countries for propagation because these countries welcome Chinese people. For example, in Egypt, a Muslim country, many Muslims are willing to interact with the Chinese speaking saints because they are interested in learning Chinese. This provides the saints an opportunity to share the word of the Lord with them.

At the end of the conference, the overseas saints also visited the training center of the Full-time training in Yangon (FTTY), which was about two hours away by car from downtown. Since the full-time training began in 2007, the trainees encountered some difficulties and were forced to move a few times due to the government’s interference. In 2011, the brothers decided to build roads and a training center on their own in a forest about two hours away from Yangon. They experienced the Lord’s help and preservation in the whole process and therefore named the road outside of the training center “Ebenezer”, “thus far Jehovah has helped us” (1 Sam. 7:12).

Currently there are 63 full-time trainees, most of whom are teenagers under the age of 20. In order to attend the training, some trainees had to walk for six to seven days from their hometown and then get on public transportation to get to the training center. The training facility was quite primitive. The lodging cabins and classrooms were mostly built with bamboos and covered with straw or iron sheets. Although the outward material supply was not abundant, the trainees were joyful and uplifted in their spirit and endeavored to be up-to-date with the ministry. As the overseas saints arrived at the entrance of the training center, from far away they could hear the sound of the trainees’ singing coming from the other end of the forest. The saints were very touched by it and gave praise to the Lord for these Christ-loving and price-paying young people.

May the Lord gain more age-turning vessels in this ultimate stage to participate in His dispensational move to bring the gospel of the kingdom to the whole inhabited earth. May the Lord continue to bless the propagation in all the Asian countries!



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