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Short-Term Propagation in Cambodia

From August 2nd to 13th, a group of 24 young saints from Taiwan came to Cambodia to participate in the propagation with the saints in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Serei Saophoan. Through this propagation, the Lord broadened their understanding and experience of the Body of Christ. A total of 19 new ones were gained in both localities, and 12 of them are under the age of 35. May the Lord preserve these young ones, perfect them to become the pillars of the church, and gain more crucial homes for the building up of the church.


Siem Reap


With previous experiences, the new ones gained through door-knocking are much easier to be stable in the church life. Therefore, the priority of the propagation this time was focusing on the door-knocking, and the gospel preaching on the streets as secondary. Despite the rugged streets that often resembled mazes and the muddy paths with puddles from recent rain, the saints still contacted people with a joyful spirit and found many whom were open, willingly inviting the saints into their home, and welcomed further contact. The saints even met some sons of peace that were willing to go back to the meeting hall with the saints. With a short preaching in the hall, they were baptized. There were also some friends and new believers who were open and let the saints visit their homes in the communities. Among the new ones saved during this propagation, half of them were gained through door-knocking. With further contact and shepherding, the saints hope to care more for them in a deeper way and to contact their family members in order to gain more complete homes.


The members in each propagation team were from different countries and age groups. Through much fellowship and prayer before the propagation, everyone was able to strive together with one soul along with the faith of the gospel, which brought in the impact of their preaching. The saints had good coordination in four ways: overseas saints had a clear direction in propagation; the college students provided the warming and friendly atmosphere to the young people; the saints provided their own testimonies of being released from the religion and the Cambodian saints supplied the words of God and prayer to dispensing life. Such one accord brought in the Lord’s blessing.


Due to local weather being very hot, the saints prepared refreshments such as coconut water and sports drinks to prevent heat stroke during the propagation. In terms of meals, both local and overseas saints prepared them together, ensuring that everyone had healthy and proper meals. For medical care and translation, there were saints with the relevant professional skills who provided the needs of medical assistance and simultaneous interpretation during meetings. All needs, whether big or small, were met with the support of the Body. Not only were the saints joyful in their spirits, but their souls and bodies were also preserved. Through this process, they saw the Body, experienced the Body, and treasured every member of the Body.


Serei Saophoan


The residents of Serei Saophoan are gentle and warm. Although the saints greeted them in the local language with an accent, they still warmly welcomed the saints into their homes. This area was labored by other saints before, so the residents were quite open to the gospel with soften hearts. Many of them were willing to call and pray. The saints mainly went out during the daytime, which is when the older generation and children were usually at home. By visiting and shepherding diligently, the saints started to be familiar with each family. It allowed the saints to be acquainted with the young adults in the families in order to gain the whole families.


There were two young local brothers in the propagation team whose family members were not saved. The saints were concerned for them and hoped that their whole families could be saved and participate in the church life; even more, their house can be opened for the usage of the Lord. The saints had much fellowship and prayer on this matter. Thank the Lord, the two brothers’ sisters were saved and baptized during the propagation. May the Lord continue to strengthen these two key families so they can be the strong testimonies of the Lord.






Sri Lanka


A national blending conference was held from August 12th to 13th. Over the past four years, Sri Lanka has experienced bomb terrorist attacks, the pandemic, and a national financial bankruptcy. As a result, the conference was suspended for four years. The saints eagerly anticipated a national gathering to experience the richness of the Body once again. The conference had a total of 370 saints registered, including 100 young people aged 13 to 35, 53 children, and 35 saints who traveled from Kaohsiung to Sri Lanka to attend the conference.
Before the conference began, the saints from Kaohsiung divided into three groups and spent three days visiting the churches. The first group visited Colombo, the second group visited Batticaloa, and the third group visited Kandy. Despite the tight schedule, everyone witnessed the blessing of the Holy Spirit in all 24 churches throughout Sri Lanka. The saints did not disperse despite the economic bankruptcy, but remained steadfast and established eight new churches within five years. The children’s work remains prosperous, and the number of young people increased significantly. Currently, there are six serving ones who have completed the two-year full-time training, and two more are currently in the training. The leading brothers are making every effort to enter the word of the ministry, holding various online and physical trainings to help the saints enjoy the intrinsic essence of the New Testament ministry. They also diligently shepherd and nourish the saints in simplicity and faithfully practiced the God-ordained way. As a result, the churches experienced a 15% growth during the four years of the pandemic.
The national blending conference took place in two meeting halls. The main hall was for the saints aged 35 and above, while the secondary hall was for young people and college students, served by the young adults. The meetings were conducted in English, with simultaneous translation into Tamil and Sinhala. The messages were taken primarily from the 2023 International Chinese-speaking Conference: “Making Ourselves Ready for the Lord’s Coming”, with the hope that the saints, regardless of their environments, would actively prepare themselves to be the Lord’s corporate bride to receive Him back. There was also an additional message emphasizing the need for the church life to be healthy, living, and full of blending. Through the supply of the word, the saints received the burden of having a healthy, living, and blending church life, following closely the ministry of the age, and being nourished and blessed by the healthy and good teaching. Also, we need to be steadfast in carrying out the God-ordained way, so that the entire church can be full of vitality to practice begetting, nourishing, teaching, gradually gaining life, and continue to increase and reach the reality of the Body.
The bread-breaking meeting on the Lord’s day was the highlight of the conference. Everyone partook of the one bread and one cup, and the joy in the spirit was indescribable. After the bread breaking, there were exhibitions of the saints in various languages, the full-time training graduates and existing trainees, young people, young adults, community saints, and visiting saints took turns sharing. All the saints witnessed that the flow of the Holy Spirit was among us, carrying us forward together, regardless of locality or language. May the Lord continue to bless the churches in Sri Lanka, with the saints eating and enjoying the Lord, remaining steadfast in gospel preaching and home meetings, and thus bringing in multiplication and increase. Amen.




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