Weekly Pursuit – Week 5 of September

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Num. 23:21 “He has not beheld iniquity in Jacob, nor has He seen trouble in Israel; Jehovah their God is with them, and the shout of a king is among them.”



According to Numbers 33, [the stations of the journey made by the children of Israel] were a total of forty-two stations. The record of these forty-two stations does not mention anything about the failures of the people. If we [read from] Numbers 1 through 33, we may have the opinion that there was nothing good with the children of Israel. But chapter 33 shows us that in the eyes of God the record regarding them is positive.


Whether the church is marvelous or pitiful actually does not depend on what the church is; rather, it depends on what you are. If you view the church from a negative angle, you will not see anything good in the church. If you have a positive attitude and view the church from a positive angle, you will say that the church is marvelous. Concerning the church life in our locality, we should not be defeated or disappointed, and we should not lose heart. We need to view the churches in a heavenly way and realize that all the local churches are parts of the coming New Jerusalem.


The way we look at God’s people is a serious matter. Perhaps in your eyes God’s people are not very good. But God sees them as chosen, redeemed, saved from the bondage of the fall, enjoying Christ, being built up with the Triune God, formed into an army to fight for God, and prepared by God to possess the all-inclusive Christ as the good land. If we see God’s people in this way, we will not lose heart or be discouraged concerning the church life. (Life-study of Numbers, msg. 31)

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