Weekly Pursuit – Week 5 of May

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1 Kings 8:48 “…If they return to You with all their heart…and they pray to You toward their land…, the city…, and the house…built for Your name.”



Though Satan, the rebellious angels, and the demons were all judged by God, they are still moving and working today, because the judgment upon them has not yet been executed. Today, Satan can still go to God to accuse God’s people. He still “walks about” on the earth “seeking someone to devour”, and still works to blind the thoughts of people, to deceive them by transfiguring himself into an angel of light. We must not be ignorant of his thoughts, neither give place to the devil. We must withstand him firm in the faith. We need to put on the whole armor of God that we may be able to stand against him. Through the church’s executing work, the devil will be cast to the earth, and his angels will be cast out with him. Eventually, he will be “cast into the lake of fire”. Then, the execution of God’s judgment upon Satan and his followers will be completed.


First Kings 8 mentions seven conditions concerning God’s listening to the prayers of His elect. In the last condition three things are stressed: the Holy Land, typifying Christ as the portion allotted by God to the believers; the holy city, signifying the kingdom of God in Christ; and the holy temple, signifying God’s house, the church, on the earth. God will listen to our prayer when our prayer to God is toward Christ, the kingdom of God, and the house of God as the goal in God’s eternal economy. This means that no matter for whom we are praying, our prayers should be aimed at Christ and the church as God’s interests on earth, for the fulfilling of God’s economy. (1 Kings 8:48, footnote 1) (Truth Lessons—Level One, vol. 1, lsn.4)

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