Weekly Pursuit – Week 5 of May

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Heb. 7:25 Hence also He is able to save to the uttermost those who come forward to God through Him, since He lives always to intercede for them.



The priesthood of Christ is the absence of death and the presence of life. As the kingly High Priest, Christ ministers the processed God to us, and as the divine High Priest, wherever He is, life is present. His priesthood is the presence of life. Our High Priest has not been constituted with the law but with the power of an indestructible life.


The Greek word translated “uttermost” in 7:25 has the same root as the Greek word for perfection. To be saved to the uttermost is to be brought into Christ’s perfection. The divine Son of God was incarnated, lived on earth, passed through death, was resurrected, and has been fully perfected forever. In Christ, the perfected Son of God, the One who has been resurrected and uplifted, there is no vanity, groaning, decay, bondage, and corruption, [which] are all by-products of death. Christ, the perfected One, is able to save us from all of these by-products of death and to bring us into His perfection. This is the saving to the uttermost, the saving to perfection.


The life that we have received is an indestructible life, and nothing on earth, in heaven, or in hell can deal with it. This is the life that constitutes the divine priesthood, [which] is able to save us to the uttermost, saving us from all the byproducts of death into Christ’s complete perfection—glorification. (Life-study of Hebrews, Chap. 34)

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