Weekly Pursuit – Week 5 of August

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Lam. 3:25 “Jehovah is good to those who wait on Him, to the soul that seeks Him.”



Like Jeremiah, we need to realize that God is still our portion and that we should hope in Him, wait on Him, and call upon His name. However, even though we do these things, we should not expect the situation to change immediately. We may pray to Him about a particular matter, but He may wait for several months before He answers our prayer. Our God is true, living, compassionate, and faithful, yet He often does not do things as quickly as we expect.


The reason God delays is that He intends to test us. He will test us to such an extent that we will lose our hope and feel that we are utterly finished. When we feel that the situation is hopeless, that is often the time when God will come in. This is our experience under God’s dispensing.


When the situation around us seems to be hopeless, we need to realize that our God can never be defeated. Whatever He has spoken, He will be faithful to fulfill. Therefore, we should believe all that the Bible says. In addition, we need to realize that God is the portion of His people, and we need to put our hope and our trust in Him. We need to trust in Him and wait on Him whether He answers us now or later. Even if He seemingly does not answer our prayer, we should continue to pray and wait on Him. The eventual result will be according to His purpose, and we will be the ones benefited by Him. May we all learn this lesson. (Life-study of Lamentations, msg. 2)

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