Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of September

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Ezek. 47:9-10 “..And every living creature which swarms in every place where the river goes shall live, and there will be very many fish when this water comes there….And fishermen will stand beside the sea from En-gedi even to En-eglaim; it will be a place for the spreading of nets….”



This river is the river of life, and only life can cause things to live. In this flow the trees live and bear sweet, delicious fruit every month. Also, the water brings forth an abundance of fish. Cattle are implied by the names of two cities—En-gedi and En-eglaim. En-gedi means “the fountain of the kid,” and En-eglaim means “the fountain of the two calves.” These fountains are for the young cattle, the kids and the calves. From all this we see that the flow of the river produces trees, fish, and cattle.


In the proper church life there are many trees producing fruit, and thus there is no lack of fruit. Trees producing fruit are an indication that there is a flow in your church. The trees grow by the living water. If there is a flow in your local church, there surely will be the trees bearing an abundance of fruit. With the flowing of the river, there is also fishing. Fishing signifies the increase in numbers. If the number of people in your local church does not increase year after year, this means that there is no fishing, and no fishing means that there is no flow. If we would have fishing, we must have the flow.


In the church life we also need some fountains of kids and fountains of calves for feeding. Thus, we need food, we need the increase in numbers, and we need the feeding. This will bring in the mending, the building up…. All these matters depend on one thing—the flow of the river…of God. (Life-study of Ezekiel, pp. 309- 310)

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