Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of May

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Rom. 6:4 “We have been buried therefore with Him through baptism into His death, in order that just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so also we might walk in newness of life.”

Rom. 7:6 “But now we have been discharged from the law, having died to that in which we were held, so that we serve in newness of spirit and not in oldness of letter.”


If we would be sanctified to God by taking Christ as our substitute, we need to experience the month of Abib (13:4), a period of time that signifies our whole Christian life, a time during which we enjoy new life….The word Abib means sprouting, budding. Hence, it denotes a new beginning of life. In order to be sanctified to the Lord for His satisfaction, we need such a new beginning of life. We need to be a green ear of wheat sprouting with new life.

In this new beginning of life there must be no leaven…. In the Bible leaven signifies sinfulness or corruption. We need to deal with all sin that is exposed. We must not tolerate any sin after it has been exposed. To eat unleavened bread in this way is to have a true memorial to the Lord, a genuine remembrance. Those who are sanctified by having Christ as their substitute and who have a new beginning of life without sin will have a daily living that is worthy of being a memorial. If we have a proper experience of God’s salvation, we shall have a marvelous spiritual history. After our Passover, we shall be sanctified to the Lord by taking Christ as our substitute to live in us. Then we shall have a new beginning of life, and all exposed sin will be dealt with. Such a living will be a memorial, a remembrance. Every day we live this kind of life will be a day of memorial. In our Christian life every day should be such a memorial day. Any day that is not a memorial is a day of defeat.

I am concerned that many Christians will have very little to remember when they are in the New Jerusalem. But if we live with Christ as our substitute, have a new beginning of life, and deal with all exposed sin, we shall have a great deal to remember in eternity. Every day we live in this way is a day worth remembering. It is possible for every day of our Christian life to be a memorial. May the Lord save us from having to repent over wasted days, days in which there is no new beginning of life and no thorough dealing with leaven. After we have been saved through Christ as our Passover lamb, we need to take Him as our substitute for the beginning of a new, sinless life. Then we shall have many days of memorial. (Life-study of Exodus, msg. 27)

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