Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of April

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1 Cor. 12:24 “God has blended the body together, giving more abundant honor to the member that lacked.”



Concerning the spiritual and divine things for the church, we must keep in mind four crucial points. First, we must go through the cross. Our native flavor should be crossed out by Christ. In the church there is room for no natural person, but Christ is all and in all. On the cross both the Jews and the Gentiles were crossed out. Second, everything should be by the Spirit. Third, this is to dispense Christ to others. Fourth, everything is for the building up of the church. In other words, whatever we do should be through the cross and by the Spirit to dispense Christ to others for the building up of the church as the Body of Christ.


But today people would not take the cross or live by the Spirit. Instead, they would live by their flesh. They would not care for dispensing Christ. Instead, they care for their kind of social life. After our meetings we like to congregate with the ones who match our natural background. The Japanese flavor, the Chinese flavor, the Taiwanese flavor, and the American flavor all have to be crossed out. We should not do things according to our feeling but according to the Spirit. We should not enjoy Christ merely for ourselves but to dispense Christ to others. The flavor of our natural man with our culture is the flavor of men, the flavor of the flesh. That has to be crossed out by the Spirit in order that we may dispense Christ for the church. (The Divine and Mystical Realm, ch. 6)

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