Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of March

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Neh. 4:17 “Those who built the wall and those who carried burdens took the loads with one hand doing the work and with the other holding a weapon.”




We need to have fighting prayer for the building. Whenever we encounter a problem, we have to come back to pray before the Lord. When people say that what we are doing is of no significance, we have to bring this word before the Lord and tell Him about it. If people try to harm us with some scheme, we must bring this scheme before the Lord. If the brothers and sisters are suspicious of each other and if they are jealous of each other, we also have to bring this before the Lord. Even when we are weak in ourselves, we have to bring it to the Lord as well…We must reject these things and deal with them by our fighting prayer.


If the brothers and sisters in a locality all exercise their functions, if the co-workers and responsible brothers and sisters do not replace the saints but rather perfect them to serve together with them, if all those with a ministry are for the building of the church, and if all the saints are holding weapons, fighting a spiritual warfare by their fighting prayers while doing the building work together, then you will see a glorious church being built up in that locality. You will also see that a miniature of the New Jerusalem will be manifested to be a resting place for God and a home for all His children. God’s presence, God’s throne, and God’s life will all be there. God’s power and God’s light will also be there. (The Building Work of God, ch. 10)

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