Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of February

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Ezk. 1:20 “Wherever the Spirit was to go, they went—wherever the Spirit was to go.

And the wheels were lifted up alongside them, for the Spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.



Ezekiel 1:18 [shows us] that the high and awesome wheels are full of eyes. Paul was a person full of eyes. He was clear about everything. The more we have the move of the Lord, the more we are enlightened. The more we participate in the Lord’s move, the more eyes we will have and the more clearly we will see. The more move we have, the more we can see. If we stop moving, we will stop seeing. We Christians should be a moving people. The church must move in order to see.


Ezekiel 1:19 tells us not that the living creatures follow the wheels but that the wheels follow the living creatures. This is contrary to the concept, held by many believers, that we need to wait until the Lord moves before we can move. The move of God’s work, the move of the gospel, and the move of the church all depend on our moving. We need to have the confidence, the assurance, and the faith to go on boldly. If we move on boldly, the wheels will follow us. Let us act boldly and move on to take this country and to take the earth.


Verse 20 continues [to say that] the wheels follow the creatures, and the creatures follow the Spirit, but the Spirit is in the wheels. If we have the wheel with the coordination, it is difficult to determine who follows whom. We are one with the Lord, and the Lord is one with us. The Lord follows us, we follow the Spirit, and the Spirit is in the wheels. This is the Lord’s move on earth today, and this is the Lord’s recovery. (Life-study of Ezekiel, msg. 9)

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