Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of June

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Luke 12:49 “I have come to cast fire on the earth, and how I wish that it were already kindled!”



The energy and the motivating power for the New Testament service did not originate in man, that is, in the Galilean fishermen. The energy and the motivating power for the New Testament service began with fire from heaven. The fire that descended upon the Galilean fishermen became the energy and the motivating power within them. After the day of Pentecost they could speak for God, preach the gospel, save sinners, and establish churches. The disciples were not the source of the power for their work. The source of that power was heaven; the power came from the fire that descended from heaven.


The only thing that God does concerning man’s service is to send His fire to burn within man. To serve God and to work for Him mean that man is joined to God and is mingled with God. Genuine Christian service is not of man. Rather, genuine Christian service is God moving through man. God does not force man to receive Him. God has erected an altar, and those who are willing, those who love Him, may come forward willingly to be dealt with, broken, and placed on the altar. Such a person can say, “Lord, here I am. My only desire is to satisfy Your need.” If we would offer ourselves sincerely in this way, fire will descend from heaven and burn us. This burning will become the energy that moves us. The issue of this burning will be our service. God wants His fire to burn in us. (The Service for Building Up the House of God, Chap. 2)

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