Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of January

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Gal. 6:18 “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers. Amen.”



The divine Spirit lives in us to pray, to read the Bible, to speak God’s word, to love our spouse, and to visit sinners for the preaching of the gospel. Such a living is the mingling of the processed Triune God with the regenerated tripartite man. This is the divine revelation in the New Testament as the answer to the sufferings of Job and to the great question concerning God’s purpose in His creation of man and in His dealing with His chosen people.


We should not take any action apart from the all-inclusive Spirit. We should not face any situation or meet any need apart from the Spirit. We need to practice this in our married life. If you desire to say something to your spouse, you should wait for a period of time, until you have the assurance that your speaking is the move of the Spirit. Acting hastily is the living of a descendant of Adam. Those who live in that way are quick to speak, to act, and to deal with others. We must remember that, as Christians, we are not the only ones moving. On the contrary, we are moving in another One’s moving, and another One is moving in our moving. This kind of life is a constituent of the church. This kind of life keeps the Body of Christ in a living condition. However, not to move in the Spirit’s move and not to have the Spirit in our move will bring death into the church. The way we must take today is the way of moving in the move of the Spirit and of having the Spirit moving in our move. (Life-study of Job, msgs. 16, 24)

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