Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of August

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Ezek. 34:26 “And I will make them and the places around My hill a blessing, and I will cause the showers to come down in their season; there will be showers of blessing.”



If God brings us to the point of seeing that everything in God’s work depends upon His blessing, it will bring about a basic change in our labor for God. We would not consider how many people, how much money, or how much bread we have. We would say we do not have enough, but the blessing is sufficient. The blessing meets the need that we cannot meet. Methods, considerations, human wisdom, and clever words are all useless. In God’s work we should believe in and expect His blessing. Many times we are careless and damage the work, but this is not a problem. If the Lord gives us a small blessing, we can get through any problem.


The basic concern today is that we must learn to live in a way that does not hinder God’s blessing. Some habits force God to withhold His blessing, and these must be eliminated. Some temperaments keep God from blessing, and these must be done away with. We must learn to believe in God’s blessing, rely on it, and eliminate the barriers that prevent us from receiving it. The Lord withholds no good thing from us. If the Lord can get through in us, the Lord’s blessing will be greater than our capacity. The normal life of a Christian is a life of blessing, and the normal work of a Christian is a work of blessing. (CWWN, vol. 56, pp. 436-439)

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