Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of April

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Isa. 45:15 “Surely You are a God who hides Himself, O God of Israel, the Savior.”




Our personalities are diametrically opposed to God’s personality. He likes concealment; we like display. He does not crave outward manifestations; we cannot be content without them. This divine disposition constitutes a great trial and test to us. If you study the Scriptures carefully, you will see that God has the kind of temperament that dislikes ostentation. He likes to work secretly rather than openly.


The very fact that the church has continued on the earth for nearly two thousand years is the result of the working of Him who is a God who hides Himself. It is often true that the greater the display accompanying any work, the less the divine content; and the more silent the work and the less our awareness of it, the greater the divine content. Since all the work that we do is done unto Him who hides Himself, it must be based on faith, not on sight.


Do not look for things other than they are. Do not set your expectation on some great vision or on some great experience. And do not expect anything outward, for the God who hides Himself is at work within your life, and He is working mightily. Your responsibility is to cooperate with Him by responding to His voice within—that “gentle, quiet voice,” that voice that seems so much a part of your own feelings that you scarcely recognize it as a voice at all. To that voice, registered in the deepest depths of your being, you must say Amen, for there, secretly and ceaselessly, the God who hides Himself is working. ( CWWL, 1956, vol. 2, “A God Who Hides Himself,” pp. 3, 6, 11)

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