Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of November

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Neh. 8:8 “And the Levites helped the people understand the law; …and they read in the book, in the law of God, interpreting and giving the sense, so that they understood the reading.”



If [a fallen person] would come back to God, he must come back to God’s word. No one can come back to God without coming back to His word. We all have our own kind of disposition and habitual behavior, but God is able to reconstitute us through His word. This is why we need to read the Bible. God’s word gradually changes our mind and our way of thinking. The word of God is one with the Spirit. When the word of God works within us, the Spirit, through the word, spontaneously dispenses God’s nature with God’s element into our being. We may not even be aware that such a dispensing is taking place within us. By this way we are reconstituted.


The constitution of a person provides the foundation for the constitution of a nation. A proper nation is not merely an organization but also a constitution. Those who had returned to Jerusalem from the captivity in Babylon had been born in Babylon, and they were raised in Babylon. The Babylonian element had been wrought into them and constituted into their being. Therefore, after they returned to the land of their fathers to be citizens of the nation of Israel, they needed a reconstitution. God’s intention with Israel was to have on earth a divinely constituted people to be His testimony. Under Ezra and Nehemiah the returned people of Israel were collectively constituted by and with God through His word to be a nation as God’s testimony. (Life-study of Nehemiah, msg. 3)


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