Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of March

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Num. 7:89 “And when Moses went into the Tent of Meeting to speak with Him, he heard the voice speaking to him from above the expiation cover that was upon the Ark of the Testimony, from between the two cherubim; and he spoke to Him.”



The cherubim signify God’s glory shining out from Christ. For God to speak to His people from between the cherubim means that He speaks to us in the midst of His glory. Whenever we meet with God, we sense that we are in the midst of glory. When we listen to someone speaking in a meeting, as long as that speaking is the word of the Lord, we should have the sense that we are in glory. Many preachers today are eloquent. But when you hear them speak, you do not have any sense of God’s glory. You may admire their eloquence and appreciate their knowledge, but there is no sense of God’s glory. However, when you listen to the genuine ministry of the Word, you are attracted, not by eloquence or knowledge but by a sense of God’s glory. After you return home, the glory may follow you. Years later, you may still recall the glory you sensed in that meeting.


The expiation cover with the cherubim signifies Christ shining. Whenever God meets with us and speaks with us, this precious Christ is present. It is in this shining Christ that God meets with us and speaks with us. When we realize this, we may say, “Lord, You Yourself are this very propitiatory cover. Without You, Lord, there is no place where God can meet with me or I can meet with Him. Lord, without You as the propitiatory cover God cannot meet with me or speak with me in glory.” (Life-study of Exodus, msg. 86)

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