Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of June

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Weekly Pursuit:


John 8:12 “Again therefore Jesus spoke to them, saying, I am the alight of the world; he who follows Me shall by no means walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”


Where life is, there light is also. John 1:4 says, “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.” This light is the light of life (8:12). In Revelation 21 we have both life and light. Because the New Jerusalem is saturated with light, it has no need for the light of the sun. In the New Jerusalem we will have the glory of the Triune God as our shining light. In the new heaven and new earth with the New Jerusalem, there will be no night, no death, and no darkness. Instead, there will be life and light. This will cause everything to rise up and be in good order.

Life regulates, and light controls. In the church life we do not have regulations, but we do have the regulating life and the controlling light. When the church is full of life, it is also full of light. Then everyone in the church is regulated by the inward life, not by outward rules, and everyone is controlled and kept in order by the light of life. Here in life and in light, we are headed up. (The Conclusion of the New Testament, msg. 436)

When light shines, it also generates. Life comes from light. When the light of God shines into you, the life of God comes into you. Light always brings life to us. When we have God as light, we first have order and then life. We can see this in Genesis 1. On the first day when light came in, there was the dividing; that is, the keeping of order began. Before light came in, everything was in chaos. After light came in, light was divided from darkness and things began to be kept in order. After this, the waters below were divided from the waters above, and life came out of this order. If there is the light of God, there is the ruling power and there is order, and if there is the ruling power and order, there is the generating power, the yielding of life. All kinds of lives came out because of the light. This is the picture in the New Jerusalem. God is the ruling center of the New Jerusalem as the shining light. From this light come out all the riches of life. God is light and from Him flows the river of water of life, and in this living water grows the tree of life. (The Central Thought of God, chap. 12)

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