Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of February

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Rev. 1:15 “And His feet were like shining bronze, as having been fired in a furnace…”



Bronze stands for the judgment of Christ. The feet represent the walk, the life on earth. The walk and life of the Lord on earth have been refined, burnished, tested, and tried by God. He has been qualified to judge others, because He has first been tested, judged, and refined.


Sometimes when you are following the Lord, while you are serving the Lord, or perhaps while you are coming to a meeting to minister, a thought of how dirty and sinful you are enters your mind. At such an instant, you ask the Lord to cover you with His precious blood and cover your mind with Himself. This is the helmet made of bronze. In faith you exercise your spirit and say to the enemy, “Satan, I am dirty; I am sinful. But praise my Lord, He is the perfect One; He is the One who has been tested and proved, and He is my covering; He is the helmet for my head.” You can exercise your spirit by faith to apply this tested, proved, and perfect Christ as the helmet for your head.


He has the ability, the strength, the qualification, the ground to withstand all attacks. Whenever the enemy meets this perfect One, he flees. Never fight the battle by yourself—this is not your business. The battle is the Lord’s. He is your covering. The enemy can say nothing to Him and do nothing with Him. Learn to apply Him as your covering. (CWWL, 1961-1962, vol. 4, “The All-inclusive Christ, ch.8)

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