Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of Dec.

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Rom. 12:5 “So we who are many are one Body in Christ, and individually members one of another.

Rom. 12:10 “Love one another warmly in brotherly love; take the lead in showing honor one to another.”

Rom. 15:7 “Therefore receive one another, as Christ also received you to the glory of God.”

Ministry Reading:

God’s complete salvation is for us to reign in life by the abundance of grace (God Himself as our all-sufficient supply for our organic salvation) and of the gift of righteousness (God’s judicial redemption applied to us in a practical way). When we are all reigning in life, living under the ruling of the divine life, the issue is the real and practical Body life.

Our receiving of the believers under the reigning in life is first according to God’s receiving and then according to Christ’s receiving (Rom. 15:1-13). We should receive one another in the same way that Christ receives us. The strong ones need to bear the weaknesses of the weak, not pleasing themselves but pleasing the brothers and sisters for their building up, even as Christ did not please Himself but bore God’s reproach (vv. 1-4). We should be of the same mind toward one another according to Christ Jesus so that with one accord we may glorify God in receiving one another as Christ also received us to the glory of God (vv. 5-7). (Crystallization-study of the Complete Salvation of God in Romans, pp. 37, 42-43)

The church is not a police station to arrest people or a law court to judge people, but a home to raise up the believers. Parents know that the worse their children are, the more they need their raising up….The church is a loving home to raise up the children. The church is also a hospital to heal and to recover the sick ones. Finally, the church is a school to teach and edify the unlearned ones who do not have much understanding. Because the church is a home, a hospital, and a school, the co-workers and elders should be one with the Lord to raise up, to heal, to cover, and to teach others in love….Love covers and builds up, so love is the most excellent way for us to be anything and to do anything for the building up of the Body of Christ. (The Vital Groups, p. 75)


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