Prayer Burdens – Week 4 of September

Sep 28, 2023 by


May the Lord gain the local believers from other denominations who are open to us, grant them a thirst for the truth, and cause them to be attracted by the ministry, be fed by the ministry, and pay the price to follow this ministry.



Pray for all the saints could participate in the Lord’s table meeting and enter into the present truth.



Pray for the literature work to be led and strengthened by the Lord.


Sri Lanka

Pray for the saints to have the burden and offer to purchase the land for the Lord’s move.



Pray for the two families who are being shepherded to have stable home meetings with the saints, be attracted and enlightened by the Lord’s word, and come to know the truth fully.



Pray for the Ministry of the age spreading out to the whole country and gaining good materials for the building up of the Body through the distribution of seven Rhema books.

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