Prayer Burdens – Week 4 of February

Mar 1, 2023 by


Pray for the coordination with Russian co-workers, that we can work together with one soul for the faith of the gospel, so as to gain the local Russian-speaking saints and gospel friends.



Pray for the literature work, especially the translation of the Bangla Recovery Version Bible.



Pray for the campus work in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap; may the Lord gain more young people to be attracted by Him to follow Him.



Pray for the national blending conference which will be held 6/10-6/11.



Pray for the language learning of the saints that they can be made channels of God to preach the word of God.



Pray for the saints in Istanbul and other cities in Turkiye to be strengthened to bear a strong testimony for the Lord and cooperate with Him.


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