Prayer Burdens – Week 4 of December

Dec 24, 2018 by

Pray for the winter training in four localities that there will be a breakthrough in the Lord’s work in this country.


1. Pray for the National Blending Conference from 12/29-30 in Hochiminh city.
2. Pray for the Sisters’ Training from 12/31-1/1, 2019 in Hochiminh city.


1. Pray for the service of the children’s work that children can be perfected in their character and know the Bible in their childhood; may the Lord strengthen all the serving ones in their fellowship and preparation of the materials for the children’s service.
2. Pray for all the serving ones that the Lord may grant them sufficient grace in their occupations, living, service and health; may His lovers show strength and take action in one accord.


1. Pray for the FTTY trainees to consecrate themselves for the Lord’s Move in Myanmar.
2. Pray for the continuing of translation works for the Life-study of the Bible.

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