Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of October

Oct 19, 2022 by


Pray for the seeking ones to enter into the printed ministry and see the Lord’s recovery.



Pray for the young people’s work in the church in Phnom Penh; may the Lord gain more young people to love the Lord with a pure heart and know the truth more.



Pray for the churches to follow closely the healthy teaching of New Testament ministry by entering into the seven feasts.



Pray for the brothers in Lalitpur to lead the saints to continue steadfastly in practicing the God-ordained way, enter into the present speaking of the ministry, and pursue the Lord’s word.



Pray for the saints to abide in the vine, absorb His riches, and become fruitful branches; may the Lord bless the saints with two fruits in the coming six months.



Pray that the Lord would safeguard the distribution of Rhema books in the whole country.

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