Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of September

Sep 14, 2021 by


Pray for the practice of reading the Bible in groups in a year; may the saints receive the revelation and practice the truth through reading the Bible.



Pray for the Summer Video Training on the books of Joshua, Judges and Ruth, that the saints in the churches can participate in the Lord’s up-to-date speaking in the ministry and be one with the burden of the Lord’s speaking.



Pray for the local full-timers to be strengthened in living and be perfected in service; also pray for the young working saints to be solid and function more in the church life.



Pray for the saints to have the spirit of Caleb and Joshua to gain more highly-educated young people who seek the Lord purely; also pray for the saints to be perfected in preaching the gospel and contacting warm doors.



1. Pray for the further development of the publication work so that the ministry of the New Testament can continue to be translated into the local language, and that the Russian language publications can increase and spread here.

2. Pray for the furtherance of the gospel through the visitation of the overseas co-workers next month. They will meet with the local translators, with the new ones, and with all the saints unto the furtherance of the gospel.


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