Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of September

Sep 12, 2017 by

1. Pray for the overseas saints to visit people and preach the gospel safely in Bangladesh from 9/11-9/20 and may the Spirit speak through them, so that some genuine seeking ones can be enlivened and be brought into the building up of the organic Body of Christ.
2. Pray for the practice of the God-ordained way in Dhaka and Chittagong area that through regular shepherding the new contacts and families can become remaining fruit and living members of the Body.


1. Pray for the translation of the Holy Word for Morning Revival.
2. Pray for the translation work of the New Testament Recovery Version into Khmer.


1. Pray for the start of the 10th batch of the Nazarite Training with 14 trainees that the Lord may gain them and use them for His move in Vietnam.
2. Pray for the Perfecting Training for Shepherds in Cong Hai from 9/22-9/23 that the leading brothers would be perfected in shepherding the churches.


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