Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of May

May 11, 2020 by

Pray for the serving brothers’ online training in these two weeks; may the Lord bring all the brothers into His will to know and practice His will.


Pray for the saints to use the internet to feed, meet and pray, so that all can enjoy Christ in every situation.


Sri Lanka
1. Pray for the responsible ones to have the heart to receive spiritual education and faithfully perfect the saints to be constituted with the 96 lessons.
2. Pray that the Lord would raise up young people to love and pursue Him and be constituted with the divine truth by reading the Bible in these days.


Pray that the Lord may open the way for gospel preaching and release the sons of peace; also, pray for the saints to receive the burden to pray and preach the gospel of the kingdom to their neighbors in this lockdown situation.

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