Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of May

May 14, 2019 by

Pray for more saints to receive the burden to come and coordinate for the propagation.


1. Pray for the propagation in Dhaka on Tuesday 6-8PM to continue steadfastly and for the saints to participate in one accord to gain young people and key families.
2. Pray for the 4 families in Chittagong to set aside their time during the holidays this month to participate in the home perfecting and to grow in life.


1. Pray for the shepherding training from 5/25-5/26, that the saints can separate their time to take part in the training and put it into practice.
2. Pray for the proofreading of the translation of the printed ministry into Lao.


Pray for the further shepherding of the families gained during the 5-week propagation in Kolkota, Dehradun and Gurgaon, that the Lord can open the way to take care of the newly contacted families for the Lord’s testimony in these places.

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