Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of July

Jul 13, 2021 by


Pray for the new testimony in Ha Long; may the Lord preserve the two young families that migrated there and open the way for the gospel to the factory workers.



1. Pray for the saints to practice all kinds of prayers daily and each be a man of prayer to live a life of prayer and serve Him by prayer.

2. Pray for the raising up of the key families In Karachi, that the saints’ spirits can be strengthened and their appetites can be increased to become patterns to the saints and channels for the Lord’s move.



1. Pray for the three-year plan of the churches to have 300 saints attending the Lord’s table meetings.

2. Pray for the saints to have normal church life during the pandemic.



Pray that the Lord would prepare suitable ways to promote literature work on the internet.

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