Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of January

Jan 11, 2021 by

1. Pray for the baptism of three contacts; may the Lord release and prepare their whole beings that they can be transferred into the kingdom of God’s beloved Son and bear His testimony.
2. Pray for the new ones to have increasing thirst for the Lord, His word and the church life, that they can have more subjective experience of the Lord and growth in life.


1. Pray for more saints to participate in the daily prayer of the brothers and the weekly prayer of the sisters, have a subjective relationship with the Lord and become a unit of church service.
2. Pray for the translation work to be strengthened and for two translators to be raised up to cooperate with the Lord to release His riches.


1. Pray for the saints’ personal goals in spiritual pursuing and serving in the new year; may grace be with every saint so that they can firmly and continuously practice these things.
2. Pray for more young people to join the Nazarite perfecting training that they can be equipped with the truth and become useful vessels to the Lord.

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