Prayer Burdens – Week 1 of September

Sep 7, 2021 by

Sri Lanka

Pray for the online video training and weekly PSRP meetings to help the saints enter into God’s up-to-date speaking to uplift the church life for the propagation of the divine truth.



1. Pray for the church in Pindi to be the Holy place of God with the table, lampstand and incense altar, so that the church life can be full of food, light and prayers.

2. Pray for the gospel and shepherding to be strengthened in Karachi, that the saints can enjoy and flow Christ for the increase and propagation of the church and for God’s move to go forward.



Pray for the saints in the 88 churches to be covered, preserved and supplied in the current situation.



Pray for the initial contact with Rhema readers that more seekers can be gained by the Lord for His testimony.



Pray for the applications and visas for all the foreign saints to be approved.

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