Prayer Burdens – Week 1 of February

Feb 9, 2021 by

Pray for the saints and the Lord’s testimony to be preserved and protected during the present political turbulence.


1. Pray for the church in Phnom Penh to reach the goal of 120 saints attending the Lord’s table meeting in 2021 through the Lord’s blessing and the laboring of the saints.
2. Pray for the saints in Siem Reap to be strengthened to pick up the burden of fruit bearing and shepherding and become functioning members; may the Lord prepare more pure and useful vessels to be perfected as pillars to bear the Lord’s testimony.


1. Pray for the construction work of the meeting hall in Pokhara; may the Lord keep all the saints in one accord and cause them to consecrate themselves for construction work; may more saints be recovered and brought into the normal church life.
2. Pray for the gospel preaching through Rhema distribution, gospel radio program and warm-door preaching; may the Lord bring in more seeking ones and sons of peace that they could be the remaining fruits for the building of the Body of Christ.


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