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The churches in India held simultaneous national trainings for college students, young people, and children’s parents respectively on December 24-27, 2022, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with a total of 1,262 saints in attendance. This was the first time since the pandemic for the trainings to be held again, and the numbers of registrants among the college students and young people were double those of previous years, with 304 participating among the college students, and 250 among the young people. Furthermore, 273 young working saints were invited to join and serve in the training in order for them to receive the burden of caring for the next generation of the church.


The subject of the college training was “The Vision and Practice that the Young People in the Church Life Must Have”. The brothers led the students into the vision of the age to see that the Lord’s recovery is to meet the Lord’s need and to bring Him back. In this last age, there is a need for a group of college students to voluntarily consecrate themselves, follow the pattern of the brothers ahead of us in being constituted with the truth in the Lord’s recovery, and faithfully practice gospel preaching and shepherding. For this reason, five meetings were conducted to perfect the students to enter into the messages from the Fall ITERO through the practice of PSRP. Many of them testified to the joy of studying and prophesying the truth. On the aspect of begetting, the brothers led the students to pray in vital groups for their gospel friends and new ones by name. The young working saints also joined in with them. By this, the churches could pick up the burden to serve the college students, and the college students could in turn propagate, building up the Body of Christ.


In the Young People’s training, the brothers fellowshipped about “God’s Complete Salvation and Young People for the Building Up of the Body of Christ”. The burden of the training was on leading the young people to know God’s salvation, to receive proper education, and to cultivate a good character and proper humanity, so that they could join the full-time training in the future and be used by the Lord. The brothers especially emphasized the burden of being equipped with the Lord’s word and preaching the gospel. The brothers also led the young people into the practice of filling out a schedule of reading through the New Testament once in the coming year. In the breakout groups, through the shepherding by the young working saints, the students were also encouraged to recite scripture verses. An exhibition and awarding followed on the last day of the training. The young people also made a list of names of their gospel contacts and expressed willingness to continue to pray for these ones with their companions in the church life in the coming days, with the goal of bringing the gospel to their classmates.


Realizing the long-term impact of the children’s service on the church, the parents’ training focused on how to raise and nurture our next generation at home. The pattern of the parents at home is particularly important, which must demonstrate a God-man living with weekly home meetings. Only with a good foundation at home can children develop healthy interpersonal relationships, a proper concern for others, and a burden for children in the neighborhood. Eventually the gospel could also be spread to the parents of the children.


Unlike previous trainings where only the young people and serving ones participated, this time the brothers sounded a call for the young working saints to coordinate with them for the training in the hope of raising up young working serving ones. When the young working saints are perfected to serve others, the Lord would have a way to make them pillars in the church, bearing the testimony and responsibility of the church. During the training, two sessions were devoted to fellowships with the young working saints. Based on the revelation of the Scriptures, they were helped to see the proper valuation one must have in the aspects of marriage, work, and service. Having received the vision, toward the end of the meetings, they prayed earnestly one by one and offered themselves anew to the Lord.


During this training, 35 young people were baptized into the name of the Lord. In the call for the full-time Training, 55 young people consecrated themselves to join the 2023 spring and fall terms of the training.


In the last session of the training, the brothers gave the fellowship that the end of the meetings does not mean the end of the training, and that the real training begins after the meetings are over. After the conclusion of the college training, the college serving ones and young working saints of various districts started having weekly get-together to fellowship on how to shepherd the students and to pray for their condition. The serving ones particularly endeavor to invite the young working saints to join them in the weekly college fellowship so that they would receive the burden to shepherd the young people in the church.


Regarding leading the students to study the truth, we encouraged them to join the video training and PSRP on the Crystallization-study of 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. Our hope is that they would continue to study the truth, speak the truth, and rejoice with the truth through the practice of PSRP.


Summing up this training, we have seen that the Lord’s work among the young people is apparent and rapid. Not only has there been a breakthrough in number, but the training has also brought the burden of serving the next generation into the church. May the all-sufficient grace of the Lord strengthen all the young people and make them overcomers to turn the age and to be a strong testimony for the Lord in the churches throughout India in the days ahead.


Pray burdens:

1. Pray for more young working saints to receive the burden of serving the college students in coordination.

2. Pray for the college students to practice begetting and nourishing in the new semester.




A regional blending conference took place at the Mahalaxmi meeting hall on March 7 and 8. This was the first blending conference held since the three-year pandemic. A total of 79 saints and 7 children attended the two-day conference. The saints from the four churches in Nepal actively participated and were joyfully blended in the spirit. Additionally, some overseas saints from Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan also joined the conference, which greatly strengthened and encouraged the local saints to walk in the way of the Lord’s recovery.


The subject of the conference was “Seeing the Vision of the Lord’s Recovery and Practicing the God-Ordained Way”. Through the five messages, the saints were helped to see visions of God’s economy, of the all-inclusive Christ, and of the church. They were also helped in the practice of the God-ordained way by going out to preach the gospel and to shepherd people with their companions in the principle of vital groups.


During the conference, some saints shared their testimonies about how they were called by the Lord. One brother from Pokhara initially planned to go to Korea for work due to financial difficulties at home. He even learned Korean. However, after hearing the testimony of an elderly sister who consecrated her children to the Lord, he was greatly encouraged. He recognized the great need of the local church and made the resolute decision to give up the opportunity to go abroad. Instead, he stayed in his locality with his wife to serve in coordination with the saints.


After being under the speaking of the messages for two days, the saints’ vision was renewed, and everyone consecrated themselves to practice the God-ordained way. May the Lord grant them grace to continue steadfastly in practicing what they have learned when they return to their localities.


Pray burdens:


1. Pray that the saints become those who hear and practice the God-ordained way in the principle of vital groups.

2. Pray that the Lord will strengthen many of those who have come into the church life from other Christian groups, causing them to be released from religion and to closely follow the New Testament ministry.

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