Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of October

Oct 20, 2023 by


Pray for all the saints to have home meetings and shepherd each other.



Pray for the seeking ones to enter into the printed ministry and see the Lord’s recovery.



Pray for the campus work in Phnom Penh and the district adjustments made for the campus work; may the Lord raise up the next generation to be strong and gain the saints in each district to have the proper church life.



Pray for the practice of the God-ordained way to strengthen the testimony in the major cities.



Pray for the propagation in Paksan city to gain more seeking saints from the denominations and other Christian groups for the establishment of the church.



Pray for the Lord’s work among the gospel friends who have read the Shepherding Materials that they can be enlightened and attracted to steadfastly enter into the Lord’s word with the saints.

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