Weekly Pursuit – Week 5 of January

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2 Chron. 20:22 “When they began to shout in song and to praise, Jehovah set ambushes for [those] who were coming out against Judah; and they were struck.”




The nation of Judah was coming to an end at the time of Jehoshaphat’s rule. It was very weak; everything was in a state of shambles. Jehoshaphat was a revived king and a God-fearing person. He told Judah to believe in God. He appointed singers to sing praises to Jehovah. He also asked these ones to praise the beauty of holiness and to walk out before the army. “And when they began to shout in song and to praise, Jehovah set ambushes for the children of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Senir.” Nothing moves the Lord’s hand as quickly as praise. We need to pray every day. However, we can overcome many things only by praising.


Many of God’s children are under severe trials. They are like Jehoshaphat. They are shut in by their trouble. At such times, it is easy for them to turn their attention to their problems. But for those who know God, the more they are tested, the more they put their trust in the Lord. The more they are tested, the more they learn to praise. We must learn to set our eyes on the Lord. We should lift up our heads and tell the Lord, “You are above everything; I praise You!” The sacrifice of praise is very effective before God. Let your loftiest praises burst forth to God, and you will surely withstand and overcome. When you praise, you will find the way of victory opening wide before your eyes! ( CWWN, vol. 48, pp. 253-255)

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